Crimson Punch F2 Feminized


Crimson Punch F2 Feminized

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Crimson Punch F2 is the second generation of a cross between 9Lb Hammer and Tropicana Punch Bx1. A unique combination of 9lb Hammer’s high yield, thick stems and potent terps, and Tropicana Punch’s extreme level of frost, dense buds and tangy tropical sports drink aroma. Presses extremely well in both flower and hash forms. Tends to stretch hard in early flower and ends up being quite tall. F2’s have shown a much higher percentage of both favorite phenotypes from the F1’s, being the pink pheno and the hash pheno. F2 parents were selected for overall trichome field density, long stalks and larger than average trichome head sizes. All phenotypes grow few leaves and have high calyx to leaf ratios allowing for easy and fast trimming. All packs come with additional freebies of current tester strains. 

Count: 10 pack

Parents: Crimson Punch X Crimson Punch

Sex: Feminized

Yield: Medium-High

Frost: High

Pressability: High

Smell: Tropical Citrus, Pink Lemonade, Fragrant Flowers

Taste: Citrus, Berries, slightly sweet floral

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